The Colorado Street Bridge Centennial Exhibition

On view November 20, 2013 to April 19, 2014

The mystique of the Colorado Street Bridge is undeniable. For nearly a century the grand landmark has stood as a beacon to all who come to Pasadena. Over the years, the bridge has become a symbol of achievement in engineering, preservation, and civic pride – an object of art and inspiration.

Colorado Street Bridge, photo by Tavo Olmos

Colorado Street Bridge, photo by Tavo Olmos

On the occasion of the bridge centennial, this comprehensive exhibition featured the work of the local artists, photographers, writers, and designers who have portrayed the iconic structure over the past 100 years.

The exhibit payed homage to the people who built and preserved a beloved local landmark: the architects, the engineers, the builders, the civic leaders, and the community organizers who worked tirelessly to make it possible.

The story of the Colorado Street Bridge was brought to life in historic photographs, architectural drawings, and related ephemera from the collections of the Museum and the Pasadena Public Library. Historic and contemporary plein air paintings of the bridge demonstrated its place in local art. Photographs by Tavo Olmos of the 1991-1993 bridge reconstruction project were also featured.

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