Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden IV

Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden IV

On view October 1, 2014 through January 11, 2015

AE4_Pasadena Parrots_JW

David Sikes, Autumn Pasadena Parrots, oil. 2014 Museum Purchase Award.

PMH, in collaboration with the Pasadena Art Gallery Association (PAGA), presents Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden IV. Hundreds of artists were invited to submit artwork for this juried exhibit. One hundred and one pieces were selected, representing the vision of eighty artists. The exhibition is sponsored by PAGA Members: Fremont Gallery, Galerie Gabrie, Segil Fine Art Source, Silvana Gallery, and Tirage Fine Art Gallery.

On October 17, two prestigeous awards were announced at a special reception for the participating artists, donors, and museum members. Artist David Sikes was named winner of the Museum Purchase Prize with his painting entitled Autumn Pasadena Parrots. His depiction of Pasadena’s iconic feathered friends soaring above treetops was chosen as the entry most representative of the exhibition’s theme and will be purchased by PAGA for the Museum’s collection. Karen Yee won the SouthwestArt Magazine award for her painting of a Chinese woman in ceremonial dress, entitled Phoenix Crown. The magazine also singled out two additional works for Honorable Mention, James Crandall’s At the Athenaeum and Ezra Suko’s Nightfall at City Hall.

Joseph Stoddard, Pasadena Train Station, watercolor. 2012 Museum Purchase Award.

Joseph Stoddard, Pasadena Train Station, watercolor. 2012 Museum Purchase Award.

Special thanks to lenders of the vintage art — Kirk & Linda Edgar, Harris Artworks, Charles N. Mauch, Deanna Stetzenko, and Maurine St. Gaudens – and to Award Sponsor & Media Partner, SouthwestArt Magazine.

Featured Artists

The complete list of artists featured in Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden IV is as follows:

Sarah Arnold – Seda Baghdasarian – Kathleen Ballard -Lisa Bloomingdale Bell – Richard Brodie – Linda Brown – Larry Cannon – Valerie Carson – Gregory Carter – Damian Chavez  – Alfonso Colocho – Jane Coulombe – James Crandall – Bruce Sanford Day – Scott Dienhart – Bridget Duffy – Linda Dupas – Sean Eckols –  Esther Engelman – Jay Ewing – Fariad – Lynne Fearman – Matthias Fischer – Kelli Folsom – Anna Francone – Hiromi Gibbs –  Terry Green – David Grigsby – Ron Guthrie – Judy Heimlich – Mike Herdering – Donald Hildreth – Catherine Hill – Ruan Hoe – Debra Holladay – Keewon Hong – Jennifer Hurley – Anna Kelly – Chuck Kovacic – Bonnie Lambert – Beverly Lazor – Paulette Lee – Frank Lennartz – Margot Lennartz – Philip Lindquist – Gerald Lishka – Raymond Logan – Diane Lu – M Kathryn Massey – Jennifer McChristian – Eleanor Scott Meyers – Joe Milazzo – Anahid Minatsghanian – Lisa Mozzini-McDill – Cranston Montgomery – Charles Muench – Fernando Perez, Jr. – David Porter – Christina Ramos – Rick Rotante – Elizabeth Rymer – Martha Saudek – Linda Serrao – Kitty Shih – David Sikes – Joseph Stoddard – Ezra Suko – Vincent Takas – Valerie Trimarchi – Milly Tsai – Isabel Wadsworth – Laura Wambsgans – Angie Whitson – Michael Ward – Mary Kay Wilson – Duke Windsor – Karen Winters – Francis Mark Woods – Hal Yaskulka – Karen Yee