Pasadena Pursuit

Willis Stork Gallery

January 30 through March 29, 2015

In 1925 the imposing Star News building was erected on the corner of Colorado Street and North Oakland. The fourth floor of the building housed radio studios and its roof, hosted a towering radio antenna, servicing its own 1000-watt radio station, KPSN (B8f-35a)

In 1925, the imposing Star News building was erected on the corner of Colorado Street and North Oakland (B8f-35a)

An exhibition curated by Dan McLaughlin, author of Pasadena History Headline Quiz (2014), which is available for sale in the Museum Store.

For over 125 years, Pasadena’s newspapers have been documenting its rich and varied history. This interactive exhibit, drawn from the headlines of local newspapers, will challenge, inform, and engage you. Designed as a three-dimensional game board for you to test your knowledge of local history in categories such as: Sports, Entertainment, People & Community, Crime & Punishment, and Children.

Challenge your local history knowledge with the ultimate trivia game:

Sample Questions*

Pasadena police officer Fred Ludlow was going 137 miles per hour in 1938 when he

a)              Caught a bank robber going 124 miles per hour

b)              Jumped out of a plane with a parachute

c)              Set a world speed record on a motorcycle

d)              Was trying to impress the future Mrs. Ludlow

In 1896, one of the first baseball teams to form in Pasadena was the Pasadena Stars.  Other than playing with absurdly small gloves, what else is notable about them?

a)              They worked for the Raymond Hotel

b)              They were African Americans

c)              They were Japanese Americans

d)              They were Mexican Americans


PSN logoThe Pasadena Star-News is Media Sponsor for the exhibition Pasadena Pursuit.


*Visit Pasadena Pursuit to see the answers from the original headlines and many more.

Companion exhibition: Mystery History by Ann Erdman will feature photographs and trivia questions inspired by artifacts from the Museum’s collection. PMH Members are invited to a fun-filled reception for both exhibitions on February 20.