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A Guide to the Research Library & Archives

View images from the collections of PMH, the Pasadena Public Library, and Pasadena City College, Shatford Library

View more than 20,000 records from the collections of PMH, the Pasadena Public Library, and Pasadena City College, Shatford Library, and more!



The Archives staff and volunteers only are permitted to retrieve research materials from storage. Use of the materials is restricted by rules intended to protect and preserve them in good condition for the future (see “Research Library and Archives Regulations”).

While a library user may be accustomed to finding a specific answer to a specific question quickly, the archives user must be prepared to spend a lot of time “digging” for answers. Although staff and volunteers do provide direction and advice, researchers are encouraged to spend some time looking for what they need on their own.

Hours: 1:00 to 4:00 pm Thursdays through Sundays. Closed major holidays. No appointment necessary.


Staff and volunteers in the Research Library are happy to conduct basic research free of charge for researchers who cannot visit the Archives in person. Please email your questions to, being as specific as possible. Research requests are handled in the order received. There can be a delay of several weeks before a request is completed.

There are charges for photocopying, scanning and mailing the results of our research (see Reproduction Services).


Reproduction services are available for a fee (photocopies or scans). All reproductions must be first approved by a staff member—fragile or over-sized material may not be able to be copied. Personal digital cameras (no flash!) may be allowed for certain materials with approval by a staff member.

Photocopy charges
$.20 + tax (8½ x 11)
$.30 + tax (11×14)
$.40 + tax (11×17)

Scan charges
$5 + tax per scan (no larger than 8½ x 11)

Reproduction Use Fees
In addition to the $5 scan charge, reproduction of any material owned by Pasadena Museum of History is subject to a Reproduction Use Fee.

For Profit Non-profit Personal
Reference/Décor $50 $25 $15
Publication $50 $20 $15
Film/Broadcast/Online $100 $20 $15
Advertising/Exhibition $150-$500* $20 $15

*Prices vary depending on use; please inquire.

View our Reproduction Use Form.


The Museum’s physical ownership of the materials in its collections does not imply ownership of copyright. It is the user’s responsibility to resolve any copyright issues related to the use and distribution of reproduced materials.