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One Special Memory:

Our Community Shares its Rich Wedding History

Public Invited to Submit Personal Wedding Memories and Images


Submission Guidelines

   Send your memories (text and image/ video via email to:

   Memories should be 50-500 words in length and may be written in the body of the email or submitted as an attached document (such as a Word file).

   We encourage you to include images or a short video file to illustrate your written memory. All images should be digital JPEG files attached to the email. Video clips should be under 2 minutes long and also attached to the email submission.

   Include your name and phone number, the bride & groom names, date & location of wedding, and your connection to Pasadena (if any).

   The use of profanity and/or inappropriate images will disqualify your entry.  Curators of this virtual exhibit reserve the right to edit all submissions. Due to the large volume of entries, we may not be able to post all entries. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact us at




Pasadena Museum of History wants to spotlight your special wedding memories – and share them with the public!

In partnership with Pasadena, PMH invites you to help us create a virtual exhibition that celebrates our community’s rich wedding history.  Your memories and the images/videos illustrating them will be featured this summer and fall in a special section of the local online newsmagazine.

This virtual “gallery” is a companion piece to the Museum’s current two-part exhibition, I Do! I Do! Pasadena Ties the Knot, which spotlights the wedding dress as an icon of social customs through the decades.

We need your help to make this virtual exhibition come to life.  For the next few months, we will be collecting stories, images, and short videos to feature on  Please consider sharing one special memory from your own personal experience.  Together, these memories and the images that accompany them will provide a representation of our common participation in an age-old ritual of uniting to celebrate love, family, partnership, and community.

The “one special memory” may be from your own wedding, from one that you attended as a friend or family member, or a story handed down through your family history.  We are particularly interested in collecting memories that include a connection to the Pasadena community, but this is not a requirement. For a list of questions and topics to help you get started, scroll down.

Image: Barbara Smith, November 25, 1936.  Gown on view in Part I of I Do! I Do! Pasadena Ties the Knot.

Questions & Topics
We invite you to share one special memory from your wedding or that of a friend or family member. What is the one moment or detail that stands out as you look back at the wedding? Here are some questions and topics to help you get started (try to focus on one per submission, please). We hope they inspire you to contribute to this virtual history exhibit.
How was the wedding planned?
How was the bridge’s attire for the ceremony (or reception) chosen? What was special about it? If the bride wore a gown, where was it purchased?
How was the groom’s attire selected and what was special about it?
What was special about the music used at the ceremony?
What was special about the venue where the wedding ceremony or reception took place?
How did the time of year affect the wedding and reception?
How involved were the families and friends in planning the wedding?
Describe the wedding vows. What made them stand out?
Were any special traditions incorporated into the ceremony?
Describe the decorations and flowers.
What type of music was played at the reception?
Was there dancing at the reception? If so, what type of dancing and who participated?
What kinds of refreshments were served at the reception?
What was the best or strangest gift the bride and groom received and who was it from?
Describe a memorable wedding toast. Who gave it?
What is the one experience you will never forget from the wedding?


Are you about to create wedding history? If you have yet to create your own special wedding memories, but are in the process of planning to get married, we invite you to tour Pasadena Museum of History’s facilities page: or email


470 West Walnut Street ~ Pasadena, CA 91103 ~ Ph 626.577.1660 ~ Fax 626.577.1662 ~