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The Gardens

The Early Years
During the early years, the property included two greenhouses and an "insectorium" where Dr. Fenyes pursued his entomological studies. The renowned American artist Richard E. Miller captured the resplendent beauty of the garden in his 1917 painting "Dappled Light" -- a view from Eva Fenyes' garden studio.

The Garden Today
Today's visitors are charmed by the lushly landscaped grounds. A shady oasis of towering trees and abundant ferns harbors the quaint Finnish Folk Art Museum, just steps away from the History Center's Exhibit Halls and Library facilities. Hundreds of exotic crinum lilies and amaryllis belladonna bloom throughout the spring and summer months beside a meandering stream that cuts across the property. Wide swaths of lawn, with the magnificent Fenyes Mansion as their backdrop, are perfect for strolling. 

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Visitors are welcome to tour the grounds during Museum hours.


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