History Makers

Since 2000, Pasadena Museum of History has honored Contemporary History Makers for their contributions to our cultural community. A Contemporary History Maker is defined as an individual or business whose civic passion, innovative design, or charitable interests continue to shape Pasadena’s unique and rich heritage. We honor new History Makers annually at our Contemporary History Makers Gala. Our Contemporary History Makers are also recognized with Commemorative Tiles in front of the Museum’s History Center.


Ken & Tracy McCormick

 Penny Plotkin


Dave & Holly* Davis

Thomas Seifert & Dianne Philibosian, PhD

The Honorable Richard J. Ward & Ann Ward

Robert Winter, PhD


The Honorable Bill Bogaard


Pasadena Tournament of Roses®

Rose Bowl Operating Company

The Langham Huntington, Pasadena


Hahn & Hahn LLP

Dorothy Trask Clune Murray Foundation

Nat B. Read

Marilyn* & Jud Roberts


 The Paloheimo Foundation

 Karen Craig

 Don Fedde

 Janet Kadin

 William F. Kruse

 Laura Thompson

 Randolph G. Wilson

 Fred G. Zepeda


 Wells Fargo

 Jane & Dan Armel

Peggy & Bruce* Stewart


 Jim Watterson


 Larry Mantle

 Denise Nelson Nash

 Betsey & Sid* Tyler


 Christle Balvin

 Betty & Charles* McKenney

 Joel Sheldon, III

 Larry Wilson


Ann Hassett & Bob Niemack

 Ellen & Harvey Knell

 Sally* & Phil* Swan

 Regina & Ian Whitcomb


 Ann & André Chaves

 Brenda & Bill Galloway


 Bob Ray Offenhauser*


 NASA/JPL’s Mars Exploration Team


 Claire Bogaard

 Marilyn & Gene Buchanan

 Don McIntyre

Dan Mellinkoff

 Larry Morrison

 Sue Mossman

 Jim Plotkin*

 Marsha Rood

 John Wilson


 David Baltimore, Ph.D.

 George Ellery Hale*

 William Pickering, Ph.D.*

 Maxine Singer, Ph.D.


 Iwan Serrurier*

 Mark Serrurier*


 Harry Usher*