ArtNight Pasadena

Hybrid ArtNight Pasadena will be on October 8, 2021. This cultural event is produced by the Cultural Affairs Division and partner organizations. PMH will be participating virtually this Fall.

Hybrid ArtNight Pasadena

Friday, October 8, 6:00 to 10:00 pm

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ArtNight Pasadena is the City’s signature cultural event produced by the Cultural Affairs Division in collaboration with Partner organizations. In keeping with social distancing requirements, Fall ArtNight will be hybrid with VIRTUAL and LIMITED, IN-PERSON ACTIVITIES.

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PMH's Virtual ArtNight Program

From Senet to Monopoly to Terraforming Mars: 4,600 Years of Board Games

Pre-recorded presentation will be available all evening beginning at 6:00 pm on YouTube:

Board Game Collage: Senet, Hasbro-Monopoly, and Terraforming Mars.

The evolution of board games has transformed them into a popular pastime all over the world. Nick Smith, a longtime  hobbyist/reviewer/researcher and occasional designer in the games field, takes us on a fascinating journey through time to discover the history and popularity of ancient games, familiar classics and today’s trends in this age-old pursuit.

Elements of humanity’s oldest games - from prehistoric “dice” carved from stone or bone to the board grid design of Senet, a favored diversion of ancient Egypt’s pharaohs – are still key elements in contemporary unplugged gaming. The program will feature longtime favorites, including Chess, Go, Mancala, and Life (it’s a lot older than you think!); examples of the development of more modern games, such as Diplomacy and Gettysburg; and different popular concepts in Settlers of Catan, Pandemic, and Ticket to Ride, among others.

Whether you’re a Chess master, a Monopoly tycoon, a Backgammon expert or just have fond childhood memories of playtime spent around a game board, Smith’s past-to-present overview will entice you to bring out an old favorite or try something new.