Working on an exhibition requires an immense amount of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. . .and the ability to boil all of that down into labels that visitors can read in thirty seconds or less. This leaves much unsaid - and unread. Luckily, there are blogs to provide readers with information that, while fascinating, simply could not fit on a label. This blog also features articles related to our Education programs, the Museum Store, the Museum's vast collections, and more.

Thomas Croft: The Man Who Owned Pasadena for a Day

April 28, 2015

Thomas Croft was an organized man. That served him well during his time in the Union Navy during the Civil War. He was an officer, …

What’s an Enfield, and Why is it in the Exhibit?

April 21, 2015

The Enfield .577 caliber rifled musket was the second most common weapon used in the American Civil War, largely because it was used by both …

Cruising Colorado Boulevard: A Memoir

November 4, 2014

My chariot to freedom arrived in the form of a jalopy. I had turned 16 in July and my driver’s license was aching to go …

The Arts & Crafts Origins of the Finnish Folk Art Museum

December 9, 2012

Many people who’ve been to the Finnish Folk Art Museum assume this “tupa,” or Finnish-style farmhouse. was designed in authentic Scandinavian style. But in its …