Cooking with Eva: Brandied Peaches

Amongst the cookbooks in the Fenyes Mansion are handwritten vintage recipes from a century ago. Since August is National Peach Month, we decided to share Eva Scott Fenyes' recipe for brandied peaches, plus her non-alcoholic alternative - spiced peaches.

Brandied Peaches recipe

Brandied Peaches

Take freestone peaches, place in hot water, then peal [sic]. Half a cup of water to not quite a pound of sugar (7 lbs of sugar to a crate of peaches). Boil to a thin syrup, then put in peaches and cook until peaches are done. Take out peaches and lay on large platter. Cook the liquid until it becomes a rich syrup, add a quart of brandy. Place peaches in jars and pour over the hot syrup.


Spiced Peaches recipe

Spiced Peaches

For spiced peaches, follow same recipe, omitting the brandy and using vinegar in place of water. Stick a couple of cloves in each peach and cook the other spices in a cheese cloth bag.

On her blog, A Taste of History with Joyce White, the food historian provides examples of other brandied peach recipes from cookbooks dating from 1799-1885:

Plate from the Fenyes Mansion kitchen.
Plate from the Fenyes Mansion kitchen. Made in France. (2000.019.4610)

If you try to replicate these vintage recipes, please let us know how they turn out.

- Michelle L. Turner