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Upcoming Event in October

Guided Virtual Tour of the Fenyes Mansion 

Thursday, October 21, 7:00pm

Fenyes Mansion. Photo by Elizabeth Steidel.
Fenyes Mansion. Photo by Elizabeth Steidel.

PMH is now offering Guided Virtual Tours of the Fenyes Mansion available for the public and FREE for PMH Members. Visitors can experience the historic Fenyes Mansion in depth on this hour-long guided virtual tour. The 1906 Beaux Art-style residence is largely unchanged from when it was home to art collector and patron, Eva Scott Fenyes and her husband, Dr. Adalbert Fenyes, with original furnishings and artwork showcasing their wide-ranging interests and taste. Program Coordinator, Daniel Nevarez will share the family’s fascinating story and discuss what life was like for the Fenyes family in Pasadena during the first decades of the 20th century.

Tickets: General $10; PMH Members FREE. Advance reservations required.

The virtual tour will be presented live via Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to all participants a day before the program.

If you do not have a Zoom account, please register at https://zoom.us/freesignup/

Free Recorded Program - Limited Release

New Technology for New Entertainment - 1890s and Onward

Available from October 14 through October 17

Edison phonograph. Courtesy of Galen Wilkes
Edison phonograph. Courtesy of Galen Wilkes

Attention vintage music and silent film aficionados! Join Galen Wilkes as he presents new technologies from the late 19th century which transformed entertainment forever. Captured performances such as sound recordings, self-playing instruments, and movies were stored on media and could be played back at will! Enjoy the marvels of technology which brought entertainment to the masses with this pre-recorded presentation featuring full vintage music and silent film clips from the period.