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Giddy Up: Children Take the Reins

Explore the World of Carousel Animals & Childhood Toys that Rock, Bounce, & Roll

this "touchable'" Exhibition is on view through October 13, 2019

American, Wonder Horse, spring rocking horse, circa 1940
American, Wonder Horse, spring rocking horse, circa 1940. Photo by Joanne Wilborn/Marlyn Woo.

PMH has once again partnered with local collector and conservator Lourinda Bray and invites visitors to bask in the joyful ambiance of quintessential childhood amusements in this uniquely “touchable” exhibition. The PMH galleries are filled with a dizzying array of more than thirty-five smaller scaled carousel horses and exotic creatures that visitors of all ages are able to see – and touch. An enchanting photo booth features a double-seat Polar Bear from an English carousel by J.R. Anderson, circa 1920, that children and adults can climb on for a special keepsake photo. A selection of ride-on horses/animals that rock, bounce, and/or roll, along with a wide variety of animals and carousel themed toys, are also on view.