In the Galleries: March 8 through September 10, 2023

Image: Detail, Honey Bee Crazy Quilt, 1892; PMH Costume & Textile Collection. Photograph by Joanne Wilborn/Marlyn Woo.

Community Stitches: Quilt Designs & Stories features more than 60 quilts representing over 180 years of quilt-making in America. Curated by Arlene Stevens and Leah Zieber of the California Heritage Quilt Project, highlights include treasures from the Museum’s extensive textile collection along with select pieces on loan. Join us to discover hidden stories in these stitches of the past as we explore the complex history of quilts made by and for the Pasadena community.


Paloheimo Foundation
Susan Stevens and Family
PMH Textile Arts Council

Quilts have been a part of family and community groups since they became a staple in the American household in the early 19th century. Quilters create beautiful and functional pieces that offer comfort and warmth, celebrate and honor individuals and groups, and commemorate significant occasions. With love, artistry, cooperation, and collaboration, quilters piece together our community’s stories in this uniquely enveloping art form.

Community Stitches surveys the fabrics and sources for popular patterns and the tools and techniques used in quilt making. The exhibition also explores the relationships between quilts embellished with illustrations drawn from literature and examples of how businesses promoted quilt-making using these same illustrations. Inspired by unique designs or commercially printed patterns, the quilts in the exhibit demonstrate a diversity of workmanship, technique, and purpose that provides insight into the communities they represent by using quilt making as their foundation.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: A number of exhibition-related in-person and virtual programs will be offered throughout the exhibit. Check our Events Calendar for up-to-date details.


Quilt photography by Joanne Wilborn/Marlyn Woo.