Frozen Frames: The Flag Collection

Frozen Frames: Preserving Pasadena’s Visual Legacy, which is available Winter 2021 - Spring 2023, is an exhibit series that unfolds in four parts over a year-long period, bringing artistically and historically compelling images out of the deep freeze and into public view. The photographs come from among the more than 200,000 at-risk negatives that are now cryogenically preserved as part of the Museum’s Great History Freeze project of 2015.

The Flag Collection: Showcasing images from the frozen nitrate negatives in The Flag Collection. Commercial photographer Emil Groetzinger and his sons' work dates from the opening of his Flag Studio in 1909 until 1940.

To view the images in an exhibition, click on ENTER EXHIBITION or on the X. You can view a photograph's caption by clicking on the photograph and then clicking on the photograph's info icon in the top right corner.