Go to the Movies with the PMH Volunteers

Wondering what to watch next? Check out these recommendations from PMH Volunteers.

Eat Drink Man Woman

My recommendation is Eat Drink Man Woman, a romantic comedy showcasing a widowed father with three beautiful daughters. Set in Taiwan, the father is a master chef and food lovers will love this movie.   The director is Ang Lee, who also directed The Wedding Banquet. Anyone who loves people and food will enjoy Eat Drink Man Woman.

I have visited Taiwan, and I enjoyed seeing sites that were familiar to me. The interpersonal relationships were authentic and heartfelt; that appeals to me. Whoever likes romance, humor, food, and new scenes may like this movie. Take a chance and jump in.

- Nancy Feldman

Eat Drink Man Woman

Nancy watched Eat Drink Man Woman on her phone using a free app called Hoopla. She also recommends another movie app called Kanopy. Both apps are linked to library cards and watching movies is free.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

There have been so many wonderful old movies, new movies, and documentaries streaming lately, and I was torn between which I would recommend.  It's been a rough year all around so I decided to go with something that was lighthearted and heartwarming:  Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga starring Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrel, streaming on Netflix. This movie made me laugh, cry, and dance around in my living room.

It's based on the Eurovision contest which has been taking place in Europe for decades.  Each country sends a band or musician to represent their country.  Sigrit (McAdams) and Lars (Ferrell) dream of winning the competition.  It's a story about following your dreams no matter what others say, and the friendship and love that get you through all the tough times.  Also, as a bonus for you "Downton Abbey" fans, Dan Stevens plays Alexander Lemtov, a rich Russian singer.  He's super sexy and fun in this role.  I loved the songs, the colorful costumes, and the emotions the actors brought with their goofy, yet sincere performances.

- Cathy Jin

Eurovision Netflix


I usually can’t sit still to watch a movie at home, but my husband Keith found Songcatcher on YouTube and I loved it. Youtube Movies describes the film as "the unforgettable journey of a big-city musicologist who leaves it all behind to start life anew in the breathtaking mountains of Appalachia. After she discovers the haunting beauty of the local Appalachian folk music she is determined to record and share it with the world—but first she'll have to earn the trust of the townspeople."

I used to play traditional music with my friend, Mary - me on autoharp, bodhran, and hammered dulcimer; Mary on fiddle and hammered dulcimer - so I especially liked all of the music. Keith and I both recognized the singing of Iris DeMent, who we discovered back in the 1980s. She has a very different singing voice. (Note: There is a surprise in this movie so parents/grandparents may want to watch before sitting with the kiddos to watch. Otherwise, the movie might be of interest to some youngins.)

- Susan Beeler Anderson


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