With its original furnishings and art collection, the Fényes Mansion is an elegant cultural landmark that majestically stands on Pasadena's historic Millionaire's row.

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Fényes Mansion Tour

A large living room with a piano and fireplace.

Family heirlooms and a unique California plein air art collection enhance the Beaux Arts-style home of Dr. Adalbert and Eva Fényes. Visitors can experience the Mansion by taking one of several docent-led tour options.

Designed by two premiere architects, the Fényes Mansion has been designated as a Pasadena Cultural Heritage landmark and a Point of Historic Interest by the state of California.

Robert Farquar designed the 1906/1907 residence. Eva, a patron of the arts and a prolific artist herself, commissioned Sylvanus Marston to add a conservatory and studio to the building in 1911.

Despite four generations living at the estate, many rooms in the mansion remain as they were more than 100 years ago. One exception is the Consul’s Office. In 1948 Y.A. Paloheimo, the husband of Eva’s granddaughter Leonora Francis, was appointed the first Finnish Consul for Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. He held this position for about sixteen years, and the Fényes Mansion remained a Consulate until 1964. This is why both the American flag and the Finnish flag fly from the front of the mansion. 

Please Note: As a historic building, the Fényes Mansion is not fully wheelchair accessible. Please contact PMH in advance if anyone in your group uses a walker or wheelchair so that we may be prepared to assist these guests. Mansion tours require walking and standing, and the walk to the Mansion entrance is slightly uphill and includes several flights of stairs. Flat shoes are recommended for all visitors. Only service animals are allowed inside all Museum buildings. Photography is not allowed on tours.

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1906 Fényes Mansion Tour

In this introductory docent-guided tour you will learn about the historic residence and delve into Eva Fényes and her family’s unique multi-generational story. The home is largely unchanged from its days as a family residence. Cross the threshold to explore rooms showcasing Eva’s original Victorian-style décor, antique furnishings, and art collection.

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Exclusive Fényes Mansion Tour: Eva’s World

Step inside the historic 1906 Fényes Mansion to enjoy an exclusive, in-depth tour of this Pasadena landmark and Beaux Arts-style architectural treasure that immerses you in the world of Museum benefactors Eva Scott Fényes (1849-1930), her husband Dr. Adalbert Fényes, and Eva’s descendants.

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Virtual Fényes Mansion Tours

The Fényes Mansion Virtual Tours offer online visitors a VIP all-access pass to explore the historic home’s highlights, as well as every intriguing nook and cranny! Click-on prompts in each room provide insights on specific items and Fényes family history.

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Exhibition Tours

Our changing exhibitions cover a wide array of Pasadena related topics. Visit our current exhibit and read about our upcoming ones.

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Group Tours

Schedule a group tour for 10 or more and customize your experience. Our docents can go more in depth on topics for you.

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School Tours

School tours at Pasadena Museum of History enrich student's minds with Pasadena's and the West San Gabriel Valley's unique history.

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Finnish Folk Art Museum

The Finnish Folk Art Museum is the only one in the United States of its kind. Made of redwood and roofed with stone, inside you will find a recreation of a 19th century tupa, sauna and kitchen. During a docent led tour, see Finnish art, 19th Century furniture and objects.